Weir Type A Diaphragm Valve

The KLEP Weir Type Valve can safely handle a line pressure of up to 1600Kpa (16 Bar) and they are tested to 2500Kpa (25 Bar). All bodies and bonnets are made from high-grade SG42 Cast Iron and are suitable for lining and various rubber, urethane, ceramic, Halar and Fluoropolymers like PTFE and EXTFE.

Product features

Size range:50mm – 350mm.
Valve type:Rising and non-rising spindle.
Elastomer diaphragm:Gum Rubber, Red Rubber, EPDM Butyl, Chlorobutyl, Neoprene, Polyurethane, Vitron & Hupalon.
Valve internals:304 Stainless steel spindles, rubber diaphragm
Temperature range:-50°C to + 140°C
Pressure rating:Up to 240 psi (16 bar)
Body material:Cast aluminium, cast SG iron
Body lining:As per Elastomer diaphragm
Threaded body:25mm to 80mm
Flanged body:Drilled to SABS, ANSI, BS or DIN
Hydro-static test:1.5 Times the rated pressure

  • 100% drip tight closure even with solids in the medium.
  • Fast easy diaphragm change.
  • Full bore, low friction loss.
  • High flexible diaphragm designed to reduce closing forces & improved full open recovery.
  • Housing acts as a built-in indicator.
  • Ideal for remote locations.
  • Lightweight.
  • Long operating life.
  • No gland which requires adjustment.
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic options.
  • Seals in both directions.
  • Single wearing part.
  • The enclosed body protects diaphragm from the environment and contaminants in the event of diaphragm failure.
  • The valve can be installed in any position.

How the valve operates

As the valve cycles downwards, the compressor will start to compress the soft rubber diaphragm, from the top of the valve only, therefore achieving 100% drip tight closure, even with solids in the medium.


The valve is suited for mining and mineral processing, power generation, sand/gravel, chemical & soda ash, pulp & paper, environmental & effluent, dry feeds and powders.


All types of Actuators can be fitted; Electric, Gearbox, Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Handwheel.

Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions and weights are for guidance only – detailed dimension drawings are available on request.
All dimensions are in millimetres, unless otherwise stated.

Valve size(mm)FFWeight
1Body /BonnelCast aluminium or SG iron
2DiaphragmRubber or urethane
3Air ConnectionSteel ball valve
4Valve Body LiningRubber, urethane, halar or ceramic
5Bolts and NutsCadmium plated steel
6PaintEpoxy powder coated, rilsan lined or painted to custom spec
7Hand wheelCast SG iron
8Rev NutBrass

Valve Diaphragm

GradeMaterialColourShore HardnessTemp °C
NANatural rubberWhite65 – 75-30° to 80°
NiNitrile rubberYellow65 – 75-30° to 80°
BYButylBlue60 – 70-25° to 95°
NENeopreneRed60 – 70-25° to 120°
HYHypalonGreen60 – 70-15° to 100°
VVitonPink70 – 80-5° to 150°
PUPolyurethaneBlack80 – 90-5° to 80°