Abrasive Flow Solutions (AFS) forms part of the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG), which is wholly owned by Invicta Holdings Limited. AFS specialises in the design and manufacture of slurry related valves and has been trading since 1 September 2020.

“ESG’s strategy to further expand its fluid technology services, through the launch of an in-house manufacturing facility, strengthens the group’s position in the valves sector on the African continent. The establishment of AFS also expands specialist valves services to a broader customer base and provides new market and application opportunities,” says Donald Morrison, Managing Director at the helm of AFS. “The AFS team has extensive experience in slurry related valves, including Klep diaphragm and wedge gate valves. Our specialists have set their first challenge: to improve the quality of diaphragm valves, by extending service life and reducing the maintenance requirements of this range. This will be achieved through the implementation of the latest developments in design technologies, materials and coatings.”

Through ESG’s broad branch and distributor network, industry has easy access to a comprehensive portfolio of locally manufactured and imported valves. This range includes AFS Klep diaphragm valves, wedge gate valves, non-return valves, pinch valves and knife gate valves.

This range is particularly well-suited for use in harsh conditions in diverse industries, including mining, chemical and petrochemical, water and wastewater and energy production.